Not really wildcats as such but out in the weeds .

148 gr nose out WC 358361 Lyman .
3.0 Unique 9×19
Data is sort of an amalgam from 38 short ,12 kpsi cartridge, and 9×19 147 halved and worked back up for function.
It's blazing 650-700 fps paper cutter .

This little guy was inspired by a 410 slug intended for a 45/410 single shot.
Lyman 45 cal BP Maxi ball at 270 gr over 8.0 Unique.
Accuracy wise it was a disaster but the paper thin barrel grooves didn't help any .
It would be much better in a in a judge or Governor type pistol .
The Colts standard charge is fine as there is slightly more case capacity left than with the Kieth or RCBS 270 gr SWC owing to the 2.1 in case and it being a 303 British case vs the 1.285 Colts case at 1.6" max OAL .