Just a quirk I stepped in .

I've been shooting the Santa Barbara 98 358 Win for a while . Since I got it set up it's been fidgety with the last round. Things being what they have been since the big move I just left a dummy in it and loaded 3 rounds . That has been flawless other than foolishness like a 358461 (that's the nose out 358-148 WC ?) it's worked great so I could discount the rails hanging up the rim .

This is where I started messing with the follower . Now remember this was a tight fisted build based on $25 new receiver and bolt . I had a follower that fit the spring, mag box , and didn't hang up ........
Did you know there exist 5 tab stamped 93,95,98 compatible followers?
In any case with the rifle sorted out and knowing where to look for loads to come together I was thinking more about why it wouldn't turn loose of that round ...... I have a couple of 92' Win clones that won't feed RP at full Colts length . Oddly enough they feed like water through a hose loped off at 1.110 ...... So I explored several brass brands , none of which offered a solution. Not even the new factory unprimed Winchester. So I naturally considered just some lap and polish of rails and the follower itself......as a stamped part there's just a lot of meat to remove.

I had read something somewhere about case taper being a big deal in feeding but with the case only being hung up on the rim and not jamming the ramp I just didn't see taper being the issue here .

I remembered that the FrankenMauser with 1942' bottom metal and a 1916 DWM receiver was in 280 B Square when I got it . It's sort of a 280 AI with a .460 dia Weatherby-like shoulder , so basically dead straight kind of like the 308 case but a half inch longer . As luck would have it the GI floor release works and swapping the no bolt stop follower was almost as easy as just slipping them off and back on ........ The aftermarket unknown bottom metal with the inside the bow release will need to have the magazine spring narrowed or the door tabs relieved for the full width spring end it's fine in the FM 1916 .

Good news , both rifles now feed like greased goose snot . That makes me happy as I will probably start the tinker with that one next . I love the stock line aesthetic and feel . It's just ugly . I have an 80% inlet stock just hanging around with enough outside wood on it to shape it with a chop saw and one of those chainsaw grinder wheel deals . It's in 7◊57 as one of that vintage should be .

Ok that's enough wander .