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    Junior Member
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    Nov 2021

    Just checking in.

    Hope everyone has a better 2024 than they did 2023.

    I don't see many new threads.

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    Senior Member
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    May 2021
    110 miles north of Texarkana in the green hell
    I check at least every other day ,I try to make it twice a day . I don't post much because I don't get to shoot as much as I'd like .
    Most of what I do load is finished and fixed data in known loads of boring commonality.

    When I get to working up a +P+ 45 S&W at a Schofield shattering 18-20,000 psi and hurling a 230 SWC at a sizzling 1000 fps I'll share it .

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    JeffreyDeGraff's Avatar
    Premium Member
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    Jul 2018
    North Texas
    I check the forum at least twice a week. I make threads when I have something good to say, and have been updating my other threads as I gather more data.

    Thanks for the well wishes for 2024, I hope the same for you and everyone else.

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