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    Model 49 Herters lubesizer.

    I have received my 2nd one . It was advertised as "needing rehab with , .285 H& I and nose punch" , for $25 and freight a guy can't get hurt , an H&I is that much .

    It looked classic unused in a long time. I took it apart needing some firm persuasion to get the slide bars out but most of it cleaned up white or thin rust blue .

    There are 3 versions of this lubesizer .
    #1 used a .750 dia H&I of a proprietary type that can use a Seaco die more or less , something about the threads being slightly larger but compatible.

    #2 Used a .750 dia H&I that was all Herters with a stop/seal lip on top and used the set screw .

    #3 used the Lyman , RCBS H & I dies .
    (Numbered by me not necessarily in correct order)
    One or more used a 5/16 dia nose punch with a stem that looked more like a form (double headed) nail with a deep wide groove for the thumb screw .

    The first one I bought was of the #3 design . It has the 1/4" Lyman, RCBS type nose punch and the "standard" H&I . The new one has the the 5/16 nose punch and the .750 dia H&I .

    It has a brass bushing that unfortunately came out with the H&I . I didn't note the lube hole orientation in the bushing when I knocked it out . It seems obvious that they should be on the reservoir side but I didn't get it to squirt yet so I can't verify that .


    Instead of having the T shaped ejector anvil it appears that it has caliber semi specific base rods that actually pass into the die rather than stopping on it . I haven't yet confirmed if this is a standard design or an owner alteration.

    A 5/16 bolt with the head dressed flat and the points rounded off should be good to go as a replacement part . A flat nose punch should take care of the nose needs and be easy enough form out with a drill press .

    I think if the H&I bushing were steel it could be it could be locked in with a nut.
    Another excuse to own a lathe I guess

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    Thatís a smoking deal.

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