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    Red face RCBS Customer Service

    Just wanted to give a shout out to RCBS for having the best customer service in the reloading industry. Yes, their equipment has a high price but you cannot beat their Customer Service and their warranty on their equipment. They have fixed all my dies, even though the damage was my fault, supplied items at no charge and answer all my concerns about their equipment no matter how dumb the questions I had were. They have the best Customer Service of any reloading equipment suppliers that I have dealt with. Just to let everyone know how good they really are. I have some Lyman and Lee and Hornaday equipment and when I contacted their customer service I was very disappointed at the responses I got back. RCBS has the best CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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    Thatís awesome. I have never been let down by them before.


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    May 2021
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    Lee CS I've never tried just because they will R&R for 2 yr then generously offer a new replacement for half of MSRP . After you pay shipping to have the item checked out and it and the new one shipped back you may as well have just bought a new one .

    RCBS sent me current production repair parts for a 3rd hand 45 yr old die as the result of an inquiry about age and product line . They also included spare wear/common breakage parts .

    Redding provided a correct for my needs seating stem after an inquiry about it's length for a second hand plus die set .

    Lyman , ........they lost their reprint of load data privileges with Aliant and can't even recycle the old Hercules data so ........ I've read their not really helpful with moulds and retrofitting older tools with new superceded PNs ....... Then there was the guy that broke a fairly new turret press ........ I don't remember where I read about that one but there were several others that had had issues with the same and got zero useful help . I have no first person experience here .

    I guess Hornady is ok but all that I have is Pacific marked transition and premerge tools .

    MEC has everything or almost everything available at reasonable prices for all but about 3 presses they've built since 1974 but that's due in part to the 80% interchange across the entire line . Service , repair parts , on gear over 3 yrs old is going to be on your dime . CS is very friendly and have answers and tech support almost like they use the tools themselves and/or have worked the line .

    Dillion I understand is just as good as RCBS I've read many times "so I bought this out of a storage shed and it's got some slop in it and a bent rod . They said send it in we'll have a look . I got a full rehab machine back full of new parts and a bag full of wear out parts for one way shipping cost" .

    CH and CH4 have most of the parts available for sale , the tools are worth it if you need a custom or out of print die set . If you break something it's on you . Warranty is good on gross product defect immediately like 90 days or something .

    No experience directly with Forster but a guy on another forum bought a service kit for an inline seater and got like 308 family 30 cal up parts and needed 243 parts . So he gives them a call and in about 5 minutes the right parts are on the way . He says I have this other 06' die I got someplace can we make it work for a 25-06 ? They say we're going to add that to the order and get you going . No cost to him . Probably cost them more to mail than make but the parts kit he bought was about $20 to the door for a $65 die .

    I think Forster still services Bonanza tools as they bought the whole package or it is a econo line .

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