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    Misc AR/gun parts for sale

    I have the following for sale, shipping is not included in prices

    Strike Industries Curved Foregrip, 2 avail: $30, each
    Pistol buffer tube, with foam: $15
    ***Daniel Defense pic rail QD adapter: SOLD***
    A2 flash hiders, 1- 308 5/8x24, $5 ***2- 223 1/2x28 sold***
    Wilson Combat 11/16x24 458 Socom three prong flash hider, $25
    Windham Weaponry 450 Bushmaster brake, $25
    SilencerCo ASR brake, 1- 308 9/16x24 $50. ***5/8x24 sold***

    All brakes and flash hiders have been used and will have carbon/mounting rockset residue left on them.

    Everything should fit in a small flat rate box, at $8.45

    General pictures below, but can get more detailed if requested


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