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    Feb 2021

    Scammer at it again

    Found yet another deal too good to be true.
    The web site is
    " "
    Site shows to have a full stock of all primer sizes ( primarily Winchester) priced at $210 per 4000. Also all the current popular caliber ammo.
    They are imitating a legit gunshop in Ash Grove, Mo. whose internet website is Arms and Ammo. Com (without the extra S after and).
    The tell tell signs of the fraudulent site are as follows:
    1. Chat... the chatter's name is James, and he will chat with you, and tell you: yes, they are fully stocked and ready to ship and await your order.
    2. Phone button: takes you to the chat app he is using.
    3. All other links on the menu for firearms gets you the "ERROR 404, site not found.
    4. The legitimate gunshops face book page warns of this site and 2 other imitators.
    PLEASE USE CAUTION, when dealing over the internet!!!
    Do your research.
    Primers at pre shortage prices ARE a deal too good to be true... especially when noone else has any at all .

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    Mar 2021
    The Big Tomato in the Biggest Bowl of Granola
    Another Scam Site -
    Also offer full inventory of primers and powder.
    The chat person confirms they have inventory.
    Minimum order of $150.00
    Payment is by CashApp, Bitcoin, or Zelle. No credit cards so you can't have Visa suck the money back if there is a problem.
    Another clue I should have picked up on was there was the payment info was to go to a person's Gmail account, not an actual business. They also mentioned another business "Alphabridge Gunshop" which comes back as a scam site from several years ago.
    Eventually, you get a message from the "Shipping Agent" that you need to forward copies of FFL, Insurance info, and Import License.
    Interesting point - On their Returns Policy page, they give an address in Park City, Kansas. ATF lists
    (No business name)
    PARK CITY, KS 67219
    612 518-0447
    Possible FFL -5-48-173-07-2L-04843

    No FFL listed in Colorado Springs.
    Another clue of not right was they indicated on the web site of having firearms, but nothing listed there.

    Expensive lesson. (Both financially and my wife will keep saying "I told you so" or similar for probably the next 10 years.)

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