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    .32-40 Winchester

    Just aquired a Conteder chambered in .32-40 Winchester. Does anyone load for it? What powder have you had good luck with?

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    I did some random searching and found what I suspected about the 32-40 to be correct mostly .
    That being that it is , mostly , a sibling of the 30-30 . The 32 Win Special would be a one pass size form but it is suggested to use 38-55 as it is a little longer and you generally won't move enough case length with just the shoulder form .

    With the 32 Rem I use 32 Win Special data , the reduced case capacity will probably make the start loads a max load in the stronger action .
    With cast bullets this cartridge should really shine . A full case , properly worked up , of IMR 4350 or H 4831 with a 170/175 gr should be about the apex of performance for the cartridge and right at max pressure for the standard smokeless loadings should you happen into a Marlin or Proof /nickle steel Winchester .

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