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    Wes Sage's Avatar
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    Jun 2018
    Renton, WA

    FB Nuked our page again!!!

    As we all know, FB Nuked our page again. I have always had back up pages, that everyone should be on, but THIS is our home base!!!

    I built this forum years ago, and it is a way better format, where we can all do the things FB bans us for, or deletes pages because of what we do.

    The new FB page is:

    There is also a link for another back up page there, but people should save this forum on their home screen, and use it/ check it, so we can get away from FB and be able to do what we want.

    Things will be tough in the shop for the next few months, as we lost communication with a TON of members, who will take their time trying to find us.

    Losing that communication route, will drastically effect sales, which have already been slow.

    I will continue to push forward, rebuild, and do my best to keep the doors open, and the guys in the shop employed.

    Any help our members can give by getting orders in on the website will be a great help to keeping things running!!!

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    Jul 2018
    Keep up the good fight bud. Y’all are awesome

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    May 2021
    110 miles north of Texarkana in the green hell
    I made the move on FB .....

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    Apr 2021
    FB nukes me constantly worth 30 day bans, and threats to close me down. They're part of the marxist apparatus.


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    Sep 2021
    just put another order in today, havent fooled with mewe, I moved over to Gab, I'm trying to move everything pictures and video stuff off of that commie facebook, Hey Wes, I missed the 10mm brass, but still in need of some 180-155-and even some 135 40 cal jhp stuff, maybe it will free up, I check daily now on the website for it, thanks for all you and your staff do!

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