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    Aug 2018

    Hollow base wadcutters

    Question for the masses. I've never loaded hbwc before now. I have the Lee book and after loading 50 357 mag at 3.0 grains of bullseye I'm setting up to load some 38 special with the same powder and projectile but Lee calls for 3.5 grains of powder for the 38 spc. I just thought it a little strange that the 38 would take .5 grains more than the 357 mag. Anyone have a good answer. I'm in no hurry so I backed off for a while. TIA.

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    Jul 2018
    New York
    The HBW been loading them since 1978 in 38 special - the old load data for target loads was 2.5 - 2.8 grains of bullseye in 38. Never loaded them in 357 brass. I still load and shoot them today. I have probably shot 30k of those over the years maybe even more never counted them. Was all I shot in competition target shooting ( paper targets) at 50 feet. I have never loaded them hotter as was need to.

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