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Thread: 45 Colt

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    Great caliber, great history. Thank you both for sharing something that I know very little about.

    "Long range shooting, It's like golf, but for men"

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    Flyer .

    Some tidbits amassed from many forums and probably weeks of reading over the last 30 years .
    The 45 Colts most likely was saddled with Long Colts because it was commonly used to separate it from the shorter 45 S&W "Schofield" . Briefly something like 1887-89' the Army also had a cartridge intended to cure the supply chain difficulty of the 45 S&W's larger rim dia in the SAA Colts . It was the correct length for the S&W Schofield pistol with the smaller dia rim for the SAA Colts and allowed enough purchase for the ejector to function in the S&W. It was effectively a Short Colts .
    Most users wanted the Longer Colts cartridge .
    So in the company of CASS &SASS as well as collectors you'll get beat up if you call it a 45 Long Colts . It doesn't end there though they will also argue about the Colts vs Colt's vs Colt . In my mind since Mom's 1917 Colts built on a 1905 frame is plainly marked Colts manufacturing I would have to draw the conclusion that Sam Colt wanted it to be Colts' possession plural not Colt's possession singular . This is made more likely by the lingering proper English and the common teaching of Latin in Highschool . It then became just Colts plural as the ' was dropped because print cost per letter or character . That happened long before the 1873 SAA probably closer to 1848 .

    Now I've shared my otherwise useless information .

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