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    45-90 Shiloh Sharps no 1 Long range Express

    Just got this for my dad, already burned thru the 3 box's of ammo I was able to find....need advice on load combo's ect & if anyone has a smokeless recipe for 540gr paper patches bullets

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    My 45-90 is a Pedersoli 1884. Mike Venturino's books on loading for the buffalo rifles was a great help to me. Also, having access to Buffalo Arms made the going easy. I don't know any thing about paper patching. I do have Matthews books. I'm not ready for paper patching. I'd suggest taking a look at Accurate 5744 data. You need to know you are dancing with a serious addiction! (-:

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    The Lyman 48-50th Editions have lots of Trapdoor compatible data for the 45-??s in smokeless . For PP the general suggestion is is to use jacketed start data . Any cast data will do fine also . Use a taper crimp if you must crimp to avoid cutting the paper .

    On castboolits under the BP paper patch section you will find a sticky dedicated to paper . I would suggest digesting in 3-4 settings or 3-4 readings . There are a couple good tutorial stickies under smokeless paper patch . Due to the nature of the 45-70/90/100/110/120 and Sharps etc variations you have to mind of merge the BP and smokeless information as the smokeless information is tooled toward 40+ kpsi and the BP is tooled more toward sub 25kpsi and the nature of BP propellants .

    I like the old green bar chain paper for the old matrix printers .
    New bright white wet ink paper should be avoided unless you're cleaning up a barrel , it's about the clay the BP paper patch paper sticky .

    Core sizing should start around .001-2 over BORE dia and so that the 2 wraps of paper end up .001 over groove dia with smokeless . With a .450◊.458 barrel that means you paper thickness needs to be about .00175 . 2 laps is 4 thicknesses around the core and .00175◊4 is .007 wrapped around a .451-2 core gives you a .458-9 bullet for the .457+ groove .

    Now that you have a complete head full of cotton sensory overload I can tell you that it's not even all the basics .
    The Paul Mathews book the paper jacket is available on several forums and FB pages as a free download . Castboolits has most of the information distilled down to user specific details if you don't feel the need to know and understand why the minutiae makes this and that do that and this .

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    Double Check Lyman data for 5744...

    [QUOTE=Harter;29824]The Lyman 48-50th Editions have lots of Trapdoor compatible data for the 45-??s in smokeless .

    This is from my experience. Double check all Lyman loads for 45-70 TD and 45-90 against powder makers data for AAC 5744. In older editions I have run into TD and 45-90 there that were too heavy based on powder makers data. Data changed in following Lyman editions.

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