Another DIY project I did a couple of yrs back. I cast and powder coat my bullets. I tried the shake and bake method for applying the powder coat. But due to weather extremes here in west texas ranging from damp to hot, dry arid conditions. Most of the time the powder coat would not stick. Powder coat was ment to be applied with a electrical charge. I had an old media tumbler base (the bowl cracked and split after yrs of use and abuse). So I decided to make a powder coat tumbler with electric charge provided (part to be powder coated needs the Negative of the DC ciruit).
So I grabbed an plastic coffee can attached and sealed it to the tumbler base. took an old aluminum pan lid for screwing down for the lid. In the base I put a section of old Aluminum screen and soldered the negative lead of a wall socket transformer too. The positive lead an alligator clip to attach to center post of tumbler base. In theory the electrical charge will travel through the Powder Coat to the cast bullets bouncing around in the base and on the aluminum screen. And it works!!!! Bake on the PC at 350 deg for 15-20 mins depending on caliber. Larger = longer. Did some .44 cal hollow points yesterday for a freind, 20 mins. When I cook 30 caliber on down 15 minimum.

Tried to upload pics, but they won't upload. Guess file size is too big. Here is link to FB, Sage's Page with the post and pics. But the explanation above is pretty simple and accurate description.

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