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    Sep 2018

    Hornady Customer service A+++++

    Went to fire up the Ammo Plant last night and ran into a few issues.

    Plastic housing on bullet feeder had cracked, and shut off was sloppy.

    Powder Measure Drop Tube had rusted in place ( no idea why its a dehumidified space.)

    And aluminum body of the bullet feeder, 2 tiny screws had stripped out.

    Called Hornady today, was on with a live person in under a minute, and all part replaced under warranty!

    Absolutely phenomenal service!

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    Oct 2018
    Always glad to hear about good service from a company!

    Thanks for sharing

    Check out my website!

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    Jul 2018
    40 Acres of Heaven
    +1 On how great Hornady is to customers. I bought a used hornady press and found a missing part. I called them and told them what I needed fully expecting to pay for the part, but the lady said she would get it shipped out no charge. I had it in a couple days and was up and running.

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