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    Pulling rim off of the case

    Man what a week. I purchased a Wilson Combat Super Sniper barrel in 308, 20", fluted and threaded for my AR10. I also got the SLR adjustable gas block. The gun runs fine unsuppressed but with the suppressor it starts sticking the case and the extractor will pull the rim off. It did this to 4 cases and hard extractor marks on 5 out of 73 rounds total.

    I thought that maybe the chamber was dirty so I went home and gave her a good scrubbing. Everything looked good and headed back to the range this morning. Shot number 7 the bolt didn't lock in fully and I had to mortar the sucker to get it out. Still not sure what happened but it chambered fine after that. Shot number 16 and it pulled the rim off. Case looks clean except for the neck which is dirty. It's not really dirty on the shoulder. I've got the gas turned way down, to the point of it barely picking up the next round and it still does this.

    I have an email to Wilson Combat about their chamber specs for this particular barrel. I'm using Lake City military brass and I'm wondering if the brass is too thick and not allowing the brass to shrink down quick enough. I haven't tried any commercial brass yet so that's a possibility.

    The gun has a new JP 308 carbine buffer spring and I have no idea what weight the buffer is. I'm not sure if I should try a heavier buffer to try and slow the bolt down.

    The brass chambers fine so I'm not really thinking about a small base die but that definitely could be something to look at.

    Anyone else experience this?

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