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    Oct 2018

    Light loads for paper punching

    Anyone else here load light loads for old military rifles for punching paper? There are a group of us in central Illinois that have a monthly match shooting old military rifles off hand at 50 m. We run a handicap system and usually have a challenge match for a certain rifle or group of rifles. Next month is any WW1 pattern rifle in honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.

    Rifles are generally WW2 and older patterns with factory sights. Peep sights are only allowed on rifles with patterns older then 1950. We allow sporting rifles too but they have to have their factory open sights.

    We load lead or jacketed bullets with red dot, unique, SR4759, 4895, 4198, or trail boss as the usual powders. Great way to get these rifles that generally shoot high at short distances to shoot point of aim and easy on the shoulder. Most shoot four 20 shot relays so the recoil reduction is welcome.

    What do you run for similar loads in these old rifles?

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    Oct 2018
    When I cast bullet for my Lee Enfield 303 Brit, I use a 150gr pill on top of 11.5gr of Unique. It is probably the most fun you can have with those old warbirds. We call it our mouse fart load, great for plinking out 75-100 yards.

    I used the same load for the Mosin I had.

    Turns those big heavy rifles into .22s really soft on the brass so that lasts a lifetime.

    Reloading...itís like knitting for men.

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