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    Aug 2018

    Ammo compatibility question

    Question for the group. I put a new barrel on my hunting rifle this year, and was planning to shoot 150 gr Barnes TTSX hand loads. But I just ran out of time to do load development.

    I have a full box of 178 gr Hornady eld-x ammo that I can use. But Iím not sure if itís a good fit with the new barrel.

    Iím shooting a 30-06, and went with an 18Ē length with a 1:10 twist for the lighter bullets. Will it work with the heavier bullets? If itís relevant, Iíll be shooting it suppressed.

    Any help and insight is greatly appreciated.

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    May 2021
    110 miles north of Texarkana in the green hell
    The 1-10" 30 cal will stabilize almost every bullet under 1.2 inches in length . Copper Monolith bullets up to 190 gr should be ok 210 gr cup and core spire points and 220 spritzers used to be the heavyweight moose slayers in 06' .

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    Aug 2018
    Excellent, so the 178ís I have should be fine. Perfect, that saves me the cost of another box of ammo then.

    Much appreciated.

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