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    Sep 2018
    I bought the RCBS plastic dial calipers when I first started reloading. They worked for me great for 6 years or so.
    Then I got a stainless dial caliper that I used up untill 2001. They worked fine but started getting hard to see and figure out when I started getting older.
    I have had the digital calipers for about 7 years now,and for me,are soooooo much easier. I have a set of mic check gauges that I check them with every so often. They are always right on. The "secret" to using digital calipers is use them gently and remember to turn off when not in use.
    And I keep a spare battery for them . . . always. --- SAWMAN

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    Jul 2019
    Personally, I don't trust digitals. I use Mitutoyo 6" dial calipers for reloading. I've been using the same pair of 8" dials at work for almost twenty years.

    Buy quality and it'll last.

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